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Site Procedures

Access To Waste 360

Site Information

The safety of our customers and staff is always the top priority at Waste 360, and to allow for safe entry to and exit from the facility, there are some important road rules to follow.

Entry to 63 Cosgrove Rd, Strathfield South

From Punchbowl Road – Heading north along Cosgrove Road please turn left into the facility.

From Liverpool Road – Heading south along Cosgrove Road, drive past our facility and continue to the roundabout (at Cleveland St). Go around the roundabout and travel north, back towards 63 Cosgrove Road to safely turn left into the facility.

Exiting The Facility

To safely exit the facility, please turn left onto Cosgrove Road towards Liverpool Road. A right-hand turn onto Cosgrove Road is not permitted.


EFTPOS and Credit Card are accepted payment methods at Waste 360.

Site Procedures


EFTPOS and Credit Card are accepted payment methods at Waste 360.

Follow Instructions From Staff

Wait for instruction before proceeding into the facility.

Obey All Traffic Signs

DO NOT exceed 5ks's per hour/ Watch out for other vehicles and pedestrians. Use UHF 70 to communicate.

Wear A Hard Hat & Hi-Vis Vest

It is COMPULSORY to wear a hard hat and hi-vis vest or shirt while at our facility.

Stay With Your Vehicle

Stay within 1 metre of your vehicle. Maintain 3 points of contact when existing your vehicle.

Waste360 Site Safety

Wait for the GREEN LIGHT on weight indicator screen before proceeding onto the weighbridge. Then press the INTERCOM to talk.

DO NOT exceed 5km/hr. Always check for pedestrians when entering or exiting the facility.

You must follow instructions from Traffix Controller. Use UHF 70 to communicate.

Hard Hats MUST be worn at all times when outside of your vehicle.

Hi-Vis Shirts or Vests MUST be worn at all times so that operators of heavy machinery know of your presence.

Our Pricing Policy

Payment Arrangements

EFTPOS and credit cards [Visa and Mastercard only] are accepted.
Cheques are not accepted.

Customers with minimum transactions of $500 per month may be eligible to open an account. For further informations, Please call 1300 651 116.

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Our team is available 7 days a week to answer any of your questions.

Be it for your household clean out or your upcoming demolition works, Waste 360 has a waste disposal or resource recovery solution for you.

Frequently Asked Questions

We accept all sorts of household, garden, renovation and demolition waste at our Strathfield site, with the exception of hazardous materials, asbestos and food waste. For a full list of accepted items, view our Accepted Waste page.

We are conveniently located at 63-65 Cosgrove Rd, Strathfield South in Sydney’s Inner-West.
Tipping Hours:
7am – 4:30pm Monday – Friday
7am- 1:30pm Saturdays.

Office Hours:
9am-5pm Monday – Friday

Yes, we accept waste from businesses as well as the general public.

If you’re doing a renovation, household clean-out or garden clean-up, simply arrive at our facility and wait for direction from our staff. They will guide you through how to dispose of your rubbish at our facility.

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